The psycho-physical lab von Ohad Nachtomy & Eyal Shifroni


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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 2019 – ISBN: 9789659251964 – Abmessungen: 16,7 x 23,5 cm – Seitenzahl: 378 – Einband: Softcover – Verlag: Mudita Books – Gewicht: 770g

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Neu eingetroffen!!!  The psycho-physical lab – Yoga practice and the mind-body problem


„… a philosopher and a senior yoga teacher argue that the practice of yoga offers something that Western medicine, as well as most other forms of physical exercise, does not: it offers a method, that engages both mental and physical capacities, such that the one can be used to train and improve the other. In doing so, the authors draw on an Aristotelian conception of human nature as a psychophysical unity endowed with various capacities.

It… establishes a practical framework, the ‚Psychophysical Lab‘,  as a means of observing, studying and developing the relations between the mental and physical aspects of human nature through yoga practice (chapter 1); it shows how yoga practice can foster a mutual development of our mental and physical faculties (chapter 2); and offers a philosophical and historical analysis of the mind-body problem –  its origin, development, and possible solution (chapter 3). The final chapter adds practice sequences with marked mental benefits, such as confidence, balance, and optimism. The book is unique in offering a comprehensive framework – both practical and theoretical – for investigating and developing our human nature as a psychophysical unity.“

Von Eyal Shifroni außerdem verfasst:

Ohad Nachtomy

PhD (Columbia University, NY), is a professor of Philosophy and a yoga practitioner, He has published several books (with Oxford University Press and Springer) and many articles in the history of philosophy and science.

Eyal Shifroni

is a Senior Iyengar teacher. He has been studying and practicing yoga since 1978 and teaching since 1985. Eyal directs the Iyengar Yoga Center of Zichron-Ya’akov in Israel and conducts yoga workshops in Israel and around the world.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    • 1. Practical explorations
      • 1.1. Explorations for all levels
      • 1.2. Explorations for intermediate and advanced practitioners
      • Apendix 1: Further instructions for selected asanas
    • 2. Developing mental and physical capacities through yoga practice
    • 3. A brief history of psyche and soma (body and soul): From Socrates to the present and back to Aristotle
      • 3.1. A historical survey of psyche-soma relations
      • 3.2. Contemporary approaches to mind-body relations
    • 4. Practice sequences (with marked mental effects)
      • 4.1. For confidence building (and reducing anxiety)
      • 4.2. For emotional balance (and enhancing Sattva)
      • 4.3. For optimism and joy (and countering Tamasic mood)
      • 4.4. For calming and pacifying (and countering Rajasic mood)
      • 4.5. For restoration (and recovering from fatigue)
  • Apendix A. My path to peace: A yogic journey through dystonia
  • Appendix B. Glossary of Sanskrit terms
  • Bibliography
  • Asana Index


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