Props for yoga von Eyal Shifroni


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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 2014 – ISBN: ohne – Abmessungen: 21,5 x 28 cm – Seitenzahl: 161 – Einband: Softcover – Verlag: Eyal Shifroni – Gewicht: 640g

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Klappentext: „Props are guides to self-learning“ B.K.S Iyengar

This guide presents standard and innovative usage of props, many of which are documented here for the first time.

Following the success of A chair for yoga Eyal now expends his work to cover the „classic“ Iyengar Yoga props, such as blanket, blocks, belts, walls, bolsters and ropes. It is a practical guide, containing ample photos to accompany the step-by-step instructions. In addition, this guide is enriched by:

  • A short introduction to each family of asanas, accomapnied with excerpts from B.K.S. Iyengar and other important teachers as well as with Eyal’s own personal perspectives
  • Comments on the physiological effects of the presented variations
  • Tips for improving the practice

The author
Eyal Shifroni is a Senior Iyengar teacher. He has been studying and practicing yoga since 1978 and teaching yoga since 1985. Eyal directs the “ Iyengar Yoga Center of Zichron-Ya ákov“ in Israel and conducts yoga workshops in Israel and around the world.

Visit: for more information about Eyal and the center in Zichron-Ya´akov.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Acknowledgements and Gratitude
  • Introduction
  • About the use of props
  • About this guide
  • The structure of the guide
  • How to use this guide
  • Chapter 1: Understanding the Standing Asanas – Utthitha Sthiti
    • About standing poses
    • Tadasana
    • Urdhva Hastasana
    • Vrksasana
    • Adho Mukha Svanasana
    • Uttanasana
    • Utthita Trikonasana
    • Virabhadrasana II
    • Virabhadrasana I
    • Virabhadrasana III
    • Parsvottanasana
    • Prasarita Padottanasana
  • Appendix 1: A practice sequence
  • Index

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