Yoga sequencing von Mark Stephens


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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 2012 – ISBN: 9781583944974 – Abmessungen: 20,5 x 25,5 cm – Seitenzahl: 507 – Einband: Softcover – Verlag: North Atlantic Books – Gewicht: 1250g

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Untertitel: Designing transformative yoga classes

Klappentext: The definitive resource for planning and sequencing successful yoga classes, Yoga Sequencing presents sixty-seven model sequences of yoga poses that cover the broad range of yoga student experience, including multiple sequences for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students; yoga for kids, teens, women across the life cycle, and seniors; classes to relieve depression and anxiety; and sequences for each of the major chakras and ayurvedic constitutions.

With more than 2,000 instructional photos, this essential reference by Mark Stephens, respected yoga teacher, trainer, and author of the best-selling Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques, explores the nuanced interrelationships among asanas within and between the seven asana families and includes a useful appendix with valuable tools for yoga teachers and students.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • List of tables
  • Preface
  • Introduction: The art and science of yoga sequencing
  • Part one: Foundations and principles
    • Chapter one: Philosophy and principles of sequencing
      • Traditional approaches to yoga sequencing
      • Parinamavada and Vinyasa Krama
      • Principle one: Moving from simple to complex
      • Principle two: Moving from Dynamic to static exploration, or moving into stillness
      • Principle three: Cultivating energetic balance
      • Principle four: Integrating the effects of actions
      • Principle five: Cultivating sustainable self-transformation
    • Chapter two: The arc structure of yoga classes
      • Initiating the yoga process
      • Sidebar: Creating a theme-oriented class
      • Warming and awakening the body
      • The pathway to the peak
      • Exploring the peak
      • Integrating the practice
      • Sidebar: Deepening the integration of asanas
    • Chapter three: Sequencing within and across asana families
      • The general properties od asanas
      • Standing asanas
      • Core awakening
      • Arm support asanas
      • Sidebar: Healthy wrist sequence
      • Sidebar: Healthy shoulder sequence
      • Back bends
      • Twists
      • Forward Bends
      • Hip openers
      • Inversions
      • Savasana
      • The next step in sequencing
    • Chapter four: Sequencing asana instructions
      • Teaching what you know
      • Step one: Demonstrating asanas
      • Step two: Transitioning into asanas
      • Step three: Refining asanas
      • Step four: Transitioning out of asanas
      • Step five: Absorbing and integrating the effects od asanas
      • Sequencing cues within asana families
      • Sidebar: Down dog as the foundational arm support asana
  • Part two: Designing beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes
    • Chapter five: Surya Namaskara – Sun salutations
      • …..
    • Chapter six: Introductory and beginning-level classes
      • Creating and teaching beginning-level sequences
    • Chapter seven: Intermediate-level classes
      • Creating and teaching intermediate-level sequences
    • Chapter eight: Advanced-level classes
      • Creating and teaching advanced-level sequences
  • Part three: Sequencing across the life cycle
    • Chapter nine: Yoga sequencing for kids
    • Chapter ten: Sequencing for special conditions of women
      • …Menstruation….
      • …Pregnancy…
      • …Postpartum reintegration…
      • …Menopause…
      • …Hot flashes…
      • …Osteoporosis…
      • …Mood swings…
    • Chapter eleven: Yoga sequencing for seniors
      • …Arthritis
      • …Osteoporosis
      • …difficulty balancing
      • …heart disease
  • Part four: Sequencing for more radiant health and well-being
    • Chapter twelve: Cultivating emotional and mental health
      • Simple relaxation class…
      • Relax deeply class…
      • Mildly stimulating class…
      • Mildly stimulating class…
    • Chapter thirteen: Chakra Sequences
    • Chapter fourteen: Ayurvedic yoga sequencing
  • Part Five: Bringing it all together
    • Chapter fifteen: Further tips on yoga sequencing
  • Appendix A – E
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index
  • About the Author

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