Yoga for computer users von Sandy Blaine


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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 1. Auflage 2008 – ISBN: 9781930485198 – Abmessungen: 18 x 23cm – Seitenzahl: 128 – Einband: Softcover – Verlag: Rodmell Press – Gewicht: 300g

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Untertitel: Healthy necks, shoulders, wrists, and hands in the postmodern age

Klappentext: Sandy Blaine, author of Yoga for Healthy Knees, has been teaching yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1993. In 1995, she graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, California, and joined the faculty in 2000. She is a cofounder and codirector of the Alameda Yoga Station. She has been the in-house yoga teacher for Pixar Animation Studios since 1994.  She lives in Oakland, California.

More and more people depend on computers for work and entertainment, which means more and more hours spent slumped in a chair – and more and more hand, wrist, neck, shoulder, and lower back injuries. In Yoga for computer users, Sandy Blaine offers a program of preventive self-care. She presents twenty-four illustrated poses, exercises, and breathing and relaxation techniques that increase circulation and range of motion, improve posture, and restore vitality. They can be practiced regardless of age or yoga experience, and are combined in sequences, ranging from quick 5-minute stretching breaks to a 15-minute practice at the computer, to 30-minute at-home sessions designed for morning energy and evening relaxation. A special „Everyday Yoga“ section presents lifestyle tips that help you learn to alternate mouse hands, strengthen your core, schedule computer-free days each week, and make time for joy.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Moving Forward: The human body in the technology age
    • Necessary steps and changes
    • How yoga can help
    • A healthy musculoskeletal system
    • Chairs and the human back
    • RSI: What and why
    • The physiological effects of stress
    • How to use this book
  • Part II: Desktop yoga
    • Take a break! Balancing practice with computer time
    • Practicing at work: Issues and suggestions
    • The poses: Take a break from your computer
    • Seated posture
    • Seated mountain pose with basic arm stretch
    • Reverse prayer pose
    • Seated eagle pose
    • Seated cow pose
    • Seated back bend pose
    • Seated twist pose
    • Seated thread-the-needle
    • Standing forward bend pose
    • Seated neck stretches
    • Seated lion pose
    • Chair dog pose
    • Inverted legs relaxation pose
    • Breathing awareness and meditation
  • Part III: Computer-free yoga
    • Dedicated yoga practice for people who spend long hours at their computers
    • More poses: away from the computer
    • Standing side-stretch pose
    • Supported spine-stretch pose
    • Supported shoulder-stretch pose
    • Downward-facing dog pose
    • Gentle sleeping yogi pose
    • Reclining twist pose
    • Bound angle pose
    • Letting go pose
  • Part IV: Putting the poses together
    • Yoga practice guidelines
    • Caution and working with injuries
    • Optimizing benefits
    • Yoga practice sequences
    • Making space
    • Take a break
    • Working yogi
    • Energizing practice
    • Evening transition
  • Part V: Everyday yoga
    • Yoga throughout the day
    • Daily mindfulness practices for stress reduction and a healthy immune system
  • Resources
  • About the author
  • About the models
  • From the publisher
  • Index

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