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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Sanskrit – Jahr: August 2009 – ISBN: 8904111710068 – Abmessungen: 13 x 12,5 cm – Dauer: 71 Minuten 99 Sekunden – Verlag: Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram – Gewicht: 70g

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Klappentext: … In ancient times, the teacher would introduce the meening and deeper fundamentals of the Yoga Sutras only after the students were able to chant the Sutras correctly. Constant chanting of the Sutras will enrich your understanding of what this text represents, and enhance experiental learning. This CD presents the Yoga Sutras as they are chanted classically, as well as in a simpler version which will appeal to beginners. ….

This CD has been designed to:

  • help yoga enthusiasts connect with the language of the Sutras
  • help refine the pronunciation of the Sutras in Sanskrit
  • inspire students of yoga to learn and enjoy the recitation of this great text….

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Dhyana Sloka
  • Yoga Sutra – Classical Rendition:
    • Samadhi Pada
    • Sadhana Pada
    • Vibhuti Pada
    • Kaivalya Pada
  • Yoga Sutra – Simplified Rendition:
    • Samadhi Pada
    • Sadhana Pada
    • Vibhuti Pada
    • Kaivalya Pada

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