Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis von Loren M. Fishman, Eric L. Small


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Zustand: neu – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 2007 – ISBN: 9781932603170 – Abmessungen: 20,5 x 25,5 cm – Seitenzahl: 273 – Einband: Softcover – Verlag: Demos Medical Publishing – Gewicht: 740g

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Klappentext: Gentle, low-impact yoga is the perfect exercise for people living with multiple sclerosis. Studies show that after six months of practicing yoga, fatigue and other symptoms are significantly reduced. Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis: A journey to health and healing is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to applying the principles of yoga to MS management. You will learn a variety of yoga poses that will help combat fatigue, reduce spasticity, relieve stress, and increase range of motion.

This practical guide:

  • Describes how yoga works
  • Contains „starter poses“ that help beginners and the physically challenged to gently achieve a posture
  • Includes photographs and descriptions of each pose
  • Explains effects, advantages, and contraindications

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis contains informations for people experiencing symptoms across the MS spectrum, including those who are in wheelchairs or have limited mobility. With the help of this book, you will be able to manage your symptoms, raise your functional abilities to their highest level, and foster independence and confidence.

About the authors: Loren M. Fishman, MD, BPhil, received his certification to teach yoga from BKS Iyengar in Poona, India. He is Assistant Clinical Professor in Rehabilitation at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and former President of the New York Society of Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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Eric L. Small was diagnosed with MS at the age of 22, and soon after became a serious student of Iyengar yoga, which helped him with the effects of his illness. He has been teaching yoga since the mid-1960s and holds a Senior 2 level certificate from BKS Iyengar. His work was recognized in 1999 with the Hope for MS Award and in 2001 by his induction into the National MS Society Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Preface
  • Part I – Yoga for people with Multiple Sclerosis
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1. Restorative series
    • Chapter 2. Wheelchair series
    • Chapter 3. Chair series
    • Chapter 4. Seated poses
    • Chaper 5. Seated/ Floor series
    • Chapter 6. Pranayama and relaxation
  • Part II – Function-directed yoga for functionally impaired individuals
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 7. Reduce fatigue
    • Chapter 8. Improve range of motion
    • Chapter 9. Spasticity
    • Chapter 10. Strength
    • Chapter 11. Coordination and balance
    • Chapter 12. Confidence and calm
    • Chapter 13. Advanced balance
    • Chaptert 14. Breathing
  • Afterword
  • Notes
  • Index

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