Understanding Yoga through body knowledge von Dr. Sulochana D. Telang


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Zustand: neu Achtung: Buchrücken bestossen!! – Sprache: Englisch – Jahr: 4. Auflage April 2009 – ISBN: keine – Abmessungen: 14 x 21,5cm – Seitenzahl: 288 – Einband: Softcover-Einband – Verlag: Yog – Gewicht: 380g

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Klappentext: Yogacharya BKS Iyengar always felt that a correlation must exist between modern medical science and the science of yoga. This book has been written at his behest by Dr. Sulochana D. Telang.

Dr. Sulochana D. Telang (MD) was born in Mumbai and brought up in Kolhapur. She is a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist from the Grant Medical College, Mumbai. She has been a fullbright scholar and has trained as an anaesthesia from the Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK. She has been practising as an obstetrician, gynecologist and anesthetist in Pune, India since 1969. She has been a student of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar and the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute since 1976.

In understanding Yoga through body knowledge, Dr. Sulochana D. Telang utilises her knowledge and vast experience as a medical and yoga practitioner to bring to the forefront an amalgamation of the concepts behind yogic sciences and the current knowledge on the different physiological systems of the human body. This book therefore would be of interest and use to yoga as well as medical practitioners.

Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Foreword
  • Prologue
  • Yogic concept of a human being
  • Energy sources in a human body
  • Yoga – Ashtanga yoga
  • Communication with the five great beings
  • Yogic physiology
  • Anatomy and physiology for the students of yoga
  • The earth principle – prthvi tattva – skeleto-muscular system
  • The water principle – ap tattva – cardio-respiratory system
  • The fire principle – tej tattva – metabolic system
  • The air principle – vayu tattva – nervous system
  • The space principle – akasha tattva – body spaces

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